Cabo Formentor

Just 80 kilometres of line distance between two extremes: there the sun-kissed Cabo Salinas in the south of Mallorca, here the cliffs of Cabo Formentor encircled by hovering clouds. The lighthouse within this harsh and dramatic landscape is located on a 200 metres high cape and is one of the most popular destinations due to […]

Son Marroig & Na Foradada

This photograph may be unique, but without a doubt it was taken by accident. Because only from a specific distance to the perforated rock of Na Foradada below the manor house of Son Marroig one can see the property together with its small temple through this natural opening. A view only available to those who […]


The extension of the Tramuntana as an island – this is Dragonera. The rock drops steeply into the deep blue sea on its outer seaward flank, the lighthouse of Cabo Llebeig marks Mallorca’s southwestern end, whilst its counterpart at the Cabo de Tramuntana looks along the rugged northwestern coast. Lighthouses are an important topic on […]

Puig Major

There were times when the bright waterline around the artificial lake of Cúber in the Tramuntana mountains has been a lot less visible. But every now and then, precipitations are lacking and the level of Palma’s water reservoir is considerably lower. The green waters of Cúber are an often photographed colourful spot in the uniform […]


Desire for rural life? Desire for complete tranquillity and getting up with the chickens? In northern Europe this is a huge trend and a flood of magazines about this topic and paint a colourful picture of such dream. Sure, desire is always way ahead of reality, but seriously: who would want to elude this image […]

Cala Ratjada

Mallorca is golf. Mallorca is biking. Mallorca is hiking and pure pleasure going out. But first and foremost, Mallorca lives on the purity of the sea at its shores which are amongst the most beautiful of the whole Mediterranean. As is the case in Cala Ratjada on the northeastern tip. The former fishing village nowadays […]