The sand is fine. The sheltered waters are shallow and crystal clear. Perfect for a swim or snorkelling.

Port de Soller

It is a secluded spot in the almost circular bay of Sóller. This hidden town, bustling with life during the day and the only secure harbour on the north western coast, is connected to Palma via the historic train the “Red Flash”. By late evening the train returns most visitors to the south coast and […]

Cala Deia

Picturesque and inspiring, this is how the most beautiful cove of the artist’s village of Deià presents itself. The rough rocky landscape with natural caves, home to boat houses and simple restaurants touching crystal clear waters – no wonder that Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvator, an early home owner on Mallorca, built his finca in this […]

Cala Estellencs

Hidden within the breathtaking west coast of Mallorca lies the authentic cove of Estellencs. Surrounded by impressive red cliffs, one can find a place of tranquility far away from any kind of modern-day commotion. The small fishing boats and its peaceful boat houses convey the picture of a relaxed lifestyle. Versteckt an der atemberaubenden Westküste […]

Cala Torta

Located close to Artà in the middle of the rocky eastern tip of Mallorca, the cove of Cala Torta surprises you with its landscape of sand dunes and its broad natural sandy beach. Due to its position just a little way from the larger scenic spots on the eastern coast, it does not attract crowds […]

Cala Varques

Characterised by a landscape of dunes and surrounded by rocks, this heavenly cove amazes one because of the largely untouched environment. In addition Cala Varques offers an exciting adventure of grottoes and caves created by the sea just as its amazing subterraneous lakes. Geprägt durch eine Dünenlandschaft und eingerahmt von Felsen verblüfft diese paradiesische Bucht […]