The largest and one of the most beautiful natural harbours on the south east coast and claimed to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Here you can discover one of the most original old towns of Mallorca. A variety of tapas bars and bodegas completes the picturesque image of this typical Mallorquin harbour. Der größte […]

Cala Llombards

Rugged rocks with boat houses sculptured into the stone, white sand and turquoise water – this cove truly is a dream. Absolutely unique is the Parrot Bar on the beach: the owner, a former DJ, serves delicious meat and sea food meals to the sound of music and under the watchful eyes of the two […]


Cabrera, the island of goats and a national park since 1991, including the surrounding sea territory. Therefore the island presents itself as a natural paradise above and under water. It is the diversity of the maritime fauna which makes Cabrera so unique, but also on dry land one can find a broad variety of dreamlike […]

Cap de Ses Salines

The southernmost point of Mallorca is a magical place. Countless small stone towers offer an exceptional sight. It is said the cape may grant wishes, if one builds one of these towers and makes a wish while doing so it will come true. A wish that always is fulfilled is the fantastic view over the […]

Es Trenc

The sea breeze, the clear water, the warm sand – this unique nature reserve makes every single visit unforgettable. 6 kilometres in length, this ravishing place has the longest natural beach of Mallorca. The fine white sand and the turquoise waters more than equal any exotic beach destination. Die Meeresbrise, das klare Wasser, der warme […]

Colonia Sant Jordi

Unexciting and not very spectacular at first sight, this town represents the Mallorquin lifestyle at its best. Behind the unimpressive façade, the former fishing village with all its distinctive charm is revealed. Llaüts, the traditional Mallorquin boats, characterise the idyllic harbourside. Unaufgeregt und auf den ersten Blick wenig spektakulär steht der Ort stellvertretend für die […]